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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Raymond Dyer, VP Business Development 
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Acusis Assumes Corporate Leadership Role in Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Fundraising


PITTBURGH, PA– September 29, 2005 – In a relationship that began three years ago, one based on the shared values of commitment to excellence, community involvement and global leadership, Acusis has restated its commitment to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra . Pittsburgh- based Acusis, a premier provider of medical transcription technology and delivery services, today announced its continued confidence in the PSO through a second multi-year gift. This $75,000-per-year gift over a three-year period will be counted toward the PSO's Annual Fund campaign.

Acusis's involvement goes beyond writing a check. David Iwinski, Jr., President and CEO of Acusis, serves on the Pittsburgh Symphony Board of Directors. He was author of the Commitment to Excellence Manifesto, which outlined guiding principles to focus the Pittsburgh Symphony Board to fulfilling a promise for excellence throughout the entire institution. Iwinski is member of the Corporate Leadership Team, which cultivates and solicits new and existing corporate donors and is an active member on Vitalization subcommittee of our Strategic Planning process. He further joined Board member David Nelsen for a series “Tech Talks,? which introduced the High Tech community to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Iwinski, remarked, �“A relationship with the Pittsburgh Symphony is a perfect fit. Acusis understands, just like the Pittsburgh Symphony, the importance of delivering the highest quality, whether that's transcribed reports or a musical performance. We also understand the value of ensuring that the Pittsburgh Symphony has a stable financial base, as the Symphony is certainly one of the most globally respected ambassadors of Pittsburgh . We are proud to provide this continuing support to the Orchestra.?

Lawrence Tamburri , Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra President, commented, �“Acusis is a global company with a Pittsburgh focus. This long-term commitment demonstrates their confidence in the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, both as an internationally acclaimed orchestra and as a committed community partner. Three years ago, during a crucial financial period, the PSO asked the community, ‘Does Pittsburgh want a world-class Symphony?' Acusis was the newest corporate donor to say yes. And, they continue to say yes, year after year, in their multi-year commitments.?



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