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Acusis Strengthens Customer Partnerships During India Site Visit


Pittsburgh, PA - Acusis®, a leading provider of outsourced medical transcription services, recently hosted a customer site visit in India. The visit was part of an initiative to make customers aware of the commitment Acusis has made to follow best business practices and the extensive effort that is made to ensure every transcribed file exceeds customer expectations.

Chief Information Officer, Terry Daly, Arizona Medical Clinic and Director of Clinical Operations, Margi McIntyre, University of Nevada School of Medicine accompanied a small team of Acusis associates on an expedition to the cities of Chennai, Mysore, Bangalore and New Delhi. Daly and McIntyre experienced first hand the highly selective recruiting process involved in the hiring of each new associate, met the transcriptionists who transcribed their files everyday and praised the Acusis quality processes.

“The training of the Acusis India team is very clear. The associates support one another in a very strong system that produces a high quality product,? commented McIntyre, adding �“I am impressed with the connectedness the transcriptionists feel to their dictators and their patients. They feel fully responsible for protecting the privacy of the patient.?

According to Daly, the recruitment process is far more competitive than that of the United States. �“The quality control process begins in the hiring stage. This is the first step that ensures the product sent to us contains very few errors. The organization is geared towards quality, which is visible through the motivational signs posted throughout the building. I believe they have higher standards than what we have in the US,? said Daly.

The customers were randomly chosen from a drawing at the Acusis Innovators�’ Summit in February of 2004. The Summit is held annually and is attended by both prospective and current customers.

Acusis believes the visit was a large success because the relationship that developed is one free of physical and cultural barriers. “When customers and transcriptionists are able to discuss the challenges they face on a one on one basis, the result is a long-lasting and fulfilling business relationship. We plan on encouraging more close interactions between our customers and prospects with India in the future,? added Acusis Chief Executive Officer, David Iwinski.

Photos taken during Daly and McIntyre's visit to India (Click a thumbnail to view its full image):



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