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Acusis Hosts Successful Transcription Innovators' Summit


PITTSBURGH, PA – 16 February 2004 – Acusis®, a leading provider of outsourced medical transcription services, recently hosted the Company’s first annual Transcription Innovators’ Summit at the Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida. The event was designed to provide an open forum for customers and industry colleagues to discuss pertinent industry issues and to exchange ideas on medical records, patient data and transcription trends.

The Summit opened with remarks from Acusis CEO, David Iwinski, Jr., and was followed by an informative session on outsourcing in the healthcare industry, given by a representative from Superior Consulting Company, which focused on influencing decision factors and how to find the right provider. Additional featured speakers included representatives from Siemens Medical, Net IQ and Computer Associates who spoke, respectively, on technology best practices, HIPAA and compliance technologies while a principal from MedAptus gave participants an overview of mobile and wireless technologies in the medical industry.

A number of valued Acusis customers, including Tacoma Digestive Disease Center in Washington, Baptist Medical Center in Florida and Arizona Medical Center were represented in a transcription outsourcing panel discussion during which participants were able to hear honest case studies on how Acusis, as an outsourced transcription provider, worked on individual accounts. Additional representatives from Acusis, including Chief Process Architect, Srdjan Kovacevic, Ph.D., and Vice President of Operations, Barry Winseck, talked about future technologies in medical transcription and business processes and solutions.

To further understanding in the industry regarding Acusis operations protocols as they relate to the Company as an offshore outsourced medical transcription provider, three industry colleagues were randomly selected for trips to the Company’s operations in India for a comprehensive inspection of the Acusis facilities there. As an added benefit, the Company invited Chief Operations Officer, K.B. Anand, from Acusis India in Bangalore to present the details of this truly global company to Summit participants.

In evaluating the Summit, participants found it full of “useful ideas and tools?, adding that �“it was great to discuss issues with peers from across the country?. Of interest to a large portion of the attendees was the �“honesty in giving Acusis’ Quality Assurance standards? equal treatment in terms of presenting both the challenges and the triumphs. Several participants remarked that the speakers represented a �“good variety of specialties? and provided �“excellent? opportunities to get the �“creative juices flowing?. As one participant commented, �“Each presentation contained valuable information applicable to my organization?. Some focused more on the India presentation, impressed by the precision with which some issues are handled, including security and the attention to detail with individual transcriptions while others appreciated the �“great ideas? regarding the future vision of transcription and HIPAA �“at home? compliance. Many participants were particularly interested in the future technologies discussions and best practices, commenting on the comprehensive and candid presentation of such topics.

Some topics suggested for future summits included standardized, quantifiable performance standards, AAMT style guidelines, future of speech recognition and specific, common medical records issues.

�“The level of contribution from all parties was outstanding,? says Acusis CEO, David Iwinski, Jr. �“The Summit was a success because everyone was committed to the gathering as a forum for discussing industry issues. The resort provided a positive venue for interaction and learning, and I am encouraged by the ideas presented this year. We are, in fact, looking forward to providing future forums for our industry colleagues. As one participant said, we’re all looking forward to some ‘long term business and intellectual relationships’ as a result of this Summit.?



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