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Acusis Remains Vigilant on Best Practices in the Outsourced Medical Transcription Industry


PITTSBURGH, PA - 26 November 2003 - Acusis® LLC, a leading provider of outsourced medical transcription services, has taken recent action to reaffirm the firm’s own best practices regarding Protected Health Information security and privacy. In response to recent industry news activity regarding the threatened release of UCSF patient files by a subcontracted offshore transcriptionist, the Company has also remained vigilant in enforcing medical industry security requirements, including those set forth by HIPAA, MTIA and other professional organizations.

Acusis constantly reviews and complies with strict standards for HIPAA regulations in addition to consulting with outside privacy and security companies such as Siemens and HIPAA Academy. As a technology provider offering user-friendly solutions, the Company maintains proven systems security for data encryption, virtual privacy network safeguards, multiple firewall layers, intrusion detection systems and disaster recovery redundancies for all customer accounts and Company information. Several recent industry alliances and many long-term partnerships with companies like Oracle®, Microsoft and HP – to name a few - are a testament to the Company’s commitment to technology excellence and professional industry performance. Acusis has previously announced commitments to global HIPAA training and non-disclosure, confidential signed agreements for all worldwide associates. In addition, the Company is proud of a successful managed outsourced operation in India.

According to Acusis CEO, David Iwinski, Jr., “The outsourced medical transcription industry was disappointed by recent confidentiality breaches due to a subcontracted employee’s own agenda. Acusis highly encourages our customers or potential customers – every hospital and clinic – to thoroughly research every outsourced vendor under consideration, including us, for best business practices. We do not condone subcontracting unique work for sensitive medical information. At Acusis, there is zero subcontracting and all work is done by Company associates.?

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Headquartered in Pittsburgh , PA , Acusis provides cost-effective, accurate outsourced medical transcription services to clinics, hospitals and large physician practices throughout the United States. Through its proprietary Web-based software, AcuSuite®, Acusis uses a secure method to manage the entire transcription process from capturing dictations to delivering electronic reports. Acusis delivers 98 percent accurate reports within a tailored 24-hour or less turnaround. With a global team of more than 500 associates throughout the U.S. and India , Acusis provides world-class quality, service, turnaround time and highly competitive prices. For more information on Acusis, visit or contact us at or 866.837.6158.