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Contact: Ray Dyer, VP of Marketing
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Acusis Announces Support for the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance (MTIA) Billing Method Principles


PITTSBURGH, PA – 27 August 2003 – Acusis®, a leading provider of outsourced medical transcription services, recently announced full support for the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance (MTIA) Billing Method Principles, an initiative with core values based on verifiability, definability, measurability, consistency and integrity.

After some time in compliance with MTIA’s customer-based guidelines and protocols, Acusis has also developed a set of internal principled billing parameters. AcuCount, the Company’s solution to straightforward and automated line pricing, has a clearly defined methodology and auditable invoice detail, in line with those principles set forth by MTIA.

Acusis and MTIA are committed to preserving the creativity and diversity in the medical transcription industry. MTIA’s Billing Principles are designed with companies like Acusis in mind – companies who create their own processes but respect the billing fundamentals set forth by an industry-respected organization like MTIA. According to MTIA’s Executive Director, Molly Malone, “Our organization is vigilant in promoting best practice billing situations in the medical transcription industry which are clear, fair and understandable to our clients – the doctors, hospitals and clinics who have a lot at stake and need accurate and reliable service across the board.?

�“We are fully committed to giving our customers the best service possible,? says Acusis President and CEO, David Iwinski, Jr., �“ - whether that is in the way we provide consistent 98% accuracy in a 24-hour turnaround time or less or if it’s making sure that our billing methodology is accurate and clearly understandable for all of our customers.?

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Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Acusis provides cost-effective, accurate outsourced medical transcription services to clinics, hospitals and large physician practices throughout the United States. Through its proprietary software, AcuSuite®, Acusis uses a secure method to manage the entire transcription process from capturing dictations to delivering electronic reports. Acusis delivers 98 percent accurate reports within a tailored 24-hour or less turnaround. With a global team of more than 500 employees throughout the U.S. and India, Acusis provides world-class quality, service and highly competitive prices. For more information on Acusis, visit or contact us at or 866.837.6158.