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Acusis mourns the loss of innocent victims of the devastating attacks on September 11, 2001.


Acusis Team,

On 11 September 2001 America was attacked by terrorists who killed thousands of innocent people in New York, Washington and close to Pittsburgh, where we have our headquarters. The identity of these terrorists is yet unknown and intense efforts are being made to bring them to justice.

None of the members of the Acusis family were individually hurt by these attacks, however many of us had close friends and business associates who died either in New York as the World Trade Center towers collapsed or who may have been on the hijacked planes used in the incident. Indeed, as the effects of this incident ripple over the world we see that it is really a global tragedy that will, in ways large and small, affect us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family members of those killed who must absorb this disaster and find a way to move on.

We live in a complex world and perhaps the one thing that Acusis can do in the face of this catastrophe is to provide to all people a small example of how people of different nations, races, religions and cultures can live and work together in harmony and with respect and admiration. We may have differences but they add to our effectiveness as our diversity gives strength and depth to our company character. We can show that borders and beliefs are no barrier to the creation of a loyal, dedicated and successful team.

The end goal of terror is to induce deep fear and immobilize people, causing them to withdraw in panic and dread. If that happens, then the terrorists truly do win. Acusis will not do this; we will go back to work and it is now business as usual. While we will cope with expected travel restrictions and logistical difficulties we will never sway from our determination to be a great global company and we will show that we have not bowed our head in the face of these cowardly acts and that we will not live in fear.

Please accept my personal thanks for all for your support and commitment.


David Iwinski Jr.
Chief Executive Officer and President
Acusis LLC