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7-Step Winning Home-based Career
Step 6: Acusis Induction

Acusis Induction
PC Inspection and Software Installation
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After your software installations are done and duly tested, you are all set for your Acusis induction process will begin.

Acusis induction is a 15-day holistic and customized process that you can participate from home. You will follow a day wise agenda of learning and orientation to clear overall quality and productivity criteria of your chosen account proving your readiness to go live in a thoroughly prepared manner.

This specialized program combines:

  1. 1Live audio/video interaction with Acusis trainer via Microsoft Live meeting for that personal touch & motivation.
  2. Access to online "e-Mentor Induction Gateway" complete with a suite of audio-video module-wise tutorials that you can play, rewind, and forward to suit your pace/style of learning.

Despite the fact that during your induction, you will not be achieving your daily target, Acusis will compensate you completely as per your daily rate so that you can focus on learning without any pressure or insecurity of losing your income.

Induction will ensure that you are well trained on Acusis software, customer specifications, and follow the right communication protocol.

Most importantly, during this process you would understand Acusis, its people, and values better. You would also be introduced to the key people with whom who would be interacting.

At the end of the process, the expectation is to have an employee who is completely prepared and confident to unleash his full potential to earn greater income and enjoy rewards of a trustworthy relationship with Acusis, all from your very own home.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. - Henry Ford