Become an Acusis WFH MT™

7-Step Winning Home-based Career
Step 3: Concept Presentation and Interview

Interview with Acusis
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Concept Presentation

The email declaring you “SELECTED” will have the link and login/password for "Acusis Gateway to Concept Presentations" portal.

This portal will help you understand every single aspect of Acusis WFH MT proposition via audio-video experience at your own convenience and pace.

The portal will also allow you to pick the account that best suits your strengths and the appropriate roadmap listing all key activities with timelines from JO/MOA to how Acusis takes care of you with guaranteed payments during the vital first 3 payment cycles (45 Days).

You can communicate your decision to join Acusis by filling up a simple form online.


After receiving your “YES” decision form online, Acusis Phil recruitment team will arrange for an interview with Acusis Cebu personnel ideally within 48 hours.

This interview will be via Skype wherein you will be requested to be available over a webcam to ensure this process is an audio-video affair to ensure better communication and decision making.

Acusis Officers will provide an overview of the company, account, platform, target lines and quality, Acusis Wage structure, shift timings, weekly schedule, incentive plans, overtime premiums, benefits during and after the 6-month probationary period, computer configuration, internet connectivity, and power backup capacity.

Also, confidentiality and contractual obligations we mutually need to fulfill.

Ideally, the interview process would culminate with you being made an Acusis Offer to join our team.

*In the eventuality of you not being made an Acusis offer or you not being ready to move ahead with Acusis, we would love to remain open and invite you to apply and revisit us 90 days later.