Become an Acusis WFH MT™

7-Step Winning Home-based Career
Step 2: Comprehensive Testing

Test Online
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Once you successfully complete Acusis’ online screening test and submit the application, you will immediately receive an e-mail with clear instructions on downloading Acusis transcription skill testing software application called "ATTA."

This mail will also have a simple installation guide, username, password & other instructions.

You can complete the Acusis comprehensive testing at your own convenience and comfort within 6 days of applying to Acusis.

Acusis Comprehensive Testing:

  • Total duration: 90 to 150 minutes
  • Location: Test can be taken from your own home, an internet café or by visiting the Acusis office by appointment. All you need is a broadband connection, uninterrupted power, and an environment conducive to providing your best effort.
  • Medical Transcriptionist Test: To test the candidate’s ability to independently transcribe 1 to 2 and edit speech recognized text on two to three multi-specialty reports on different work types and couple of accents.
  • WFH MT Eligibility score: >96% transcription accuracy consistently across all the files within the stipulated time.

*You are free to use reference materials including the Internet.

Results will be available via email within 3 working days after completion of tests. Acusis email will only state whether you are SELECTED or NOT SELECTED or RETEST. We shall not declare or discuss specifics of your test performance.

The SELECTED candidates move into the next step of Acusis Concept Presentations and Interview and would be informed in their result email about their next steps and related timelines.