Acusis - Best In KLAS

We are excited to share the official 2012 KLAS results for Transcription Services. Because of our customers support, Acusis has again received high marks for its turnaround times (TAT), account management and most importantly, report quality. Out of 16 MTSO's, Acusis ranked in the top three among all vendors in 2012. This was a dramatic improvement from our 8th ranking in 2009 and 5th ranking in 2010. Other highlights include:

  • Acusis is one of only two companies that have been KLAS surveyed in all of the six Best of KLAS reports.
  • Acusis has the highest 6 report KLAS average at 83.4%.
  • Traditionally a company’s performance decreases with KLAS shortly after an acquisition, Acusis improved from a 5th ranking to 3rd after the SPI acquisition.
  • 2013 KLAS Survey - Providers were asked to rate their MTSO in 3 primary categories: TAT, report quality and account management. Acusis scored above average in all three categories - TAT: Acusis = 4.7 (Average = 4.5 (highest score was 4.8); Account Management: Acusis = 4.7 (Average = 4.4); Report Quality: Acusis = 4.3 (Average = 4.2).