AcuSmartT Coding

AcuSmartT is a future-ready medical coding program that solves traditional RCM/Coding challenges while preparing healthcare organizations for the CMS-HCC Risk Adjustment Coding Program.

Why providers should safeguard themselves from Upcoding and Overbilling?

Upcoding or Overbilling is considered a fraudulent business practice in Revenue Cycle Management. Once detected, whether intentional or unintentional, can lead to heavy penalties and even criminal prosecution.

AcuScribe by Acusis

Acusis introduces AcuScribe, a direct type solution into your EHR system. By transposing the dictated report directly into your EHR fields while also performing the necessary administrative steps, Acusis is offering a cost effective solution that ensures EHR adoption while also increasing doctor satisfaction.

Cloud-based Speech Recognition for Physicians:

eCareNotes is a secure, cloud-based speech recognition platform for Physicians and other clinicians to securely document patient encounters of all types. It helps them meet more patients and focus on providing care by significantly reducing the time spent in documentation.

An Effective Solution for EHR Downtime Management in Hospitals

Planned or unplanned EHR unavailability causes disruption in clinical workflow, limits access to patient data and generates endless overtime hours of staff for re-entry of records. Patients’ continuum of care concerns due to incomplete or compromised data further adds to the frustration of all stakeholders.

eCareNotes Speech Recognition

Cut down the cost of patient documentation by 30% using eCareNotes Speech Recognition. Getting Started.