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Thursday, April 28, 2016

For The Record Magazine's article covering Acusis CEO, KB Anand on best practices for dictating in an EMR Setting


While physician satisfaction is one part of the equation, productivity looms just as large, says KB Anand, CEO of Pennsylvania-based Acusis, noting that losses in that regard impact the bottom line and catch the eye of the C-suite. "Having an option to dictate helps physicians maintain productivity, especially in specialties like cardiology where extensive documentation is required, but at the same time, every minute of the cardiologist's [time] is money," he says. "So the question is where to spend that time. A cost-benefit analysis will easily advocate the physician doing a quick and easy dictation and moving on to the next patient rather than spending additional time point-and-clicking or struggling with the structured templates in an EMR."

EMRs are here to stay. But instead of resisting any new workflows the technology may introduce, Anand recommends learning how to dictate properly to produce the best documentation. This starts with being sensitive to the capabilities and limitations of the EMR being used.

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The ICD-10 mandate will introduce tens of thousands of new codes for medical procedures, thereby impacting record keeping, billing, staff productivity and efficiency for medical facilities. In an October 2014 Modern Healthcare article, Danielle Reno, ICD-10 director at Sutter Health, Sacramento, California, warned of a 50% decrease in coder productivity that can go on for six to nine months. Currently, the medical transcription services that Acusis® offers already provide great aid to those facilities in need of workforce assistance. Acusis® has now applied their success in that side of the arena to their new coding services.

“Our current transcription clients have expressed concern about the upcoming ICD-10 mandate and how it will impact their workforce needs. With the customer-centric culture of Acusis, we wanted to offer medical coding in order to give our clients a more comprehensive service.” said Larry Jackson, CFO at Acusis® .

“Leveraging what Acusis® does well is exciting,” said Jackson. “In this case, more coding is required in the near future. Acusis® has consistently demonstrated its ability to ramp up human capital and technology while maintaining high quality. Since 2001, we have earned the trust of our clients by providing an outstanding service. This is evident from our consistently high ranking in the yearly KLAS® survey. Applying these same quality and service processes to coding is exciting for our team.”



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