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Acusis Extends Offshore Site Visit to Valued Customer


PITTSBURGH, PA – 5 August 2004 – Acusis®, a leading provider of outsourced medical transcription services, recently hosted a site audit for a valued long-term customer at two of the Company’s four Indian locations in Bangalore and Chennai. The Company randomly chose several customers and prospects to visit their Indian operations as part of a focused initiative to make both customers and prospects aware of offshore companies who are committed to best business practices and careful due diligence research in all areas of company operations and process application. The customers and prospects were chosen through a random drawing at the Customer Summit, an informational gathering of medical industry colleagues, hosted earlier this year by Acusis at the Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida.

As part of the planned two week visit, Terry Ciskowski of Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida, made the rounds at both office sites, meeting staff and team members with whom she has worked and talked to for months but never had the chance to meet in person. Accompanied by Chief Operations Officer of India, K.B. Anand, and Vice President of Marketing, Ray Dyer, Ciskowski was part of a number of ceremonies, site tours, discussion groups and home transcriptionist visits. In addition to studying the Company and subsequent operations processes, Ciskowski was afforded the opportunity to tour some of the country’s major cities in an effort to become more in tune with the rich and incredibly diverse culture in India.

According to Ciskowski, she found security and confidentiality to be “very high on the priority list? in her visits to Acusis with the off-site home transcriptionists, the on-site developers and the quality assurance / control teams. She was particularly excited about being able to follow the Acusis process, detailed to her and performed for her organization, from the time the files are marked for export on Baptist Medical Center �’s system until they are returned to the facility. She was able to see, firsthand, how all files are encrypted before leaving the US and felt that attention to detail regarding privacy and security were outstanding, including the fact that home-based transcriptionists in India see no personal information pertaining to patients - they only hear what is dictated in the report and that all personal work stations and systems are locked and password protected. All in all, her assessment included the acute and relevant observation that the transcriptionists “take great pride in their work?.

According to Anand, Ciskowski�’s visit was a tremendous success in that it allowed India Operations to meet a valued customer with whom they have become well-acquainted. “We were pleased to be able to strengthen the partnership that we have with Baptist Medical Center by meeting Terry and helping her to understand the daily process on all levels. It was interesting to hear her perspective on certain challenges, and it was a privilege to work so closely with her, answering questions and listening to her feedback. The visit was mutually beneficial for both sides – customer and outsourced partner.?

Acusis Chief Executive Officer, David Iwinski, Jr. reflected Anand�’s sentiment in saying, “We hope to encourage more close interaction with Acusis India and our valued customers. We also hope to be an example to other offshore companies in terms of providing open and candid dialogue with customers and prospects no matter what business they’re in.?

Ciskowski�’s visit was in early July and she has since provided Acusis and her own internal people with her perspective and some interesting positive feedback on her experience.

Photos taken during Ciskowski's visit to India (Click a thumbnail to view its full image):


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