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MedAptus Contact:
Dane Callow, Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 617.896.4005

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Sherri Knight, Marketing Communications Manager
Phone: 412.209.1284

Acusis and MedAptus Integrate Efforts for Comprehensive Service to the Medical Industry in Outsourced Medical Transcription and Integrated Point-of-Care Solutions


PITTSBURGH, PA – 25 August 2003 – Acusis® LLC, a leading provider of outsourced medical transcription services, based in Pittsburgh, and MedAptus, Inc., the leading provider of point-of-care software solutions for physicians, based in Boston, recently announced their strategic alliance and marketplace partnership, a decision that will result in improved service to the hospital, clinic and physician practice markets already penetrated by both companies and to the medical industry, in general.

With the MedAptus application, Charges in Hand™, physicians can use a Pocket PC handheld device to manage workflow from accessing real-time patient scheduling information to capturing charges, dictating point-of-care patient notes and reviewing information to include medical reference libraries, current diagnostic and procedure coding and coding compliance rules. By leveraging mobile computing and wireless technology, the MedAptus software solution is able to integrate clinical, financial and administrative applications in order to increase physician productivity.

Under the same productivity premise, Acusis has developed a cost-effective outsourced medical transcription solution that integrates seamlessly with any client’s current medical records system, a must in the medical field where quality patient care and near immediate results for timely processing of patient records are top priorities. AcuSuite®, Acusis’ proprietary software solution, provides a secure method for the management of the entire medical transcription process from dictation capture to the delivery of final electronic reports. Careful attention to Quality Control and Quality Assurance issues allows the Company to support 98% accuracy in a 24 hour or less turnaround period.

This integration of efforts creates a seamless interface between two companies, both with corporate interests in streamlining the internal processes of medical enterprises through related product and service software suites.

According to Acusis president and CEO, David Iwinski, Jr., “This alliance with MedAptus will help us to further assist our customers by expanding our base offering. Including such vital support components, like the handheld dictation capabilities and the access to information like diagnostic coding and patient medical records in one device, is key to our ability to have a complete end-to-end medical transcription and business solution. We’re pleased that such a well-respected company has decided to join and support us in our efforts.?

Said MedAptus Chief Medical Officer, Lance Baldo, M.D., �“MedAptus is very excited about our partnership with Acusis. The combination of point-of-care charge capture with low-cost, accurate and reliable dictation and transcription provides tremendous value for practices who want to ease into technology. The additive return on investment is astounding.?



About MedAptus

MedAptus, Inc. is a healthcare information technology company providing point-of-care solutions for physicians. MedAptus provides clinicians with a comprehensive suite of workflow and revenue enhancing solutions including patient management, charge capture, dictation and clinical content. MedAptus�’ flagship application, Charges in Hand™, allows physicians to document professional charges at the point-of-care. The use of Charges in Hand™ increases efficiency, reduces the lag time between professional services and claim submission and improves compliance with billing regulations. Additional clinical solutions are under development to augment the suite and create a unified mobile and web-based offering. MedAptus can be reached via or by calling 617.896.4000.

About Acusis®

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Acusis provides cost-effective, accurate outsourced medical transcription services to clinics, hospitals and large physician practices throughout the United States. Through its proprietary software, AcuSuite®, Acusis uses a secure method to manage the entire transcription process from capturing dictations to delivering electronic reports. Acusis delivers 98 percent accurate reports within a tailored 24-hour or less turnaround. With a global team of more than 500 employees throughout the U.S. and India, Acusis provides world-class quality, service and highly competitive prices. For more information on Acusis, visit or contact us at or 866.837.6158.