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Acusis Announces Launch of AcuSuiteSM Internet Medical Transcription Software Solution 2.0

March 26, 2002

(Pittsburgh, PA)---- The medical transcription provider Acusis has announced the launch of AcuSuite, the company's most recent internet based end-to-end transcription software solution.

According to Acusis President and CEO David Iwinski, "Acusis developed the latest version of AcuSuite in response to feedback from our customers. We've made it more intuitive and easier to use, with enhancements for increased productivity." Iwinski added, "The new software offers improved user dictation creation, document searching, transcription retrieval and delivery to the customer."

Multiple methods of capturing the physician's voice via telephone, digital hand-held recorder, PDA or PC are optimized with this release. One of the key enhancements for AcuSuite 2.0 is real-time file status capability, allowing the user to update or check on the status of a file via the internet regardless of where it is in the system. The 2.0 version also has an extensive set of new search commands to locate documents instantly, with web management and database retention of both dictation and transcription files, including e-signature capability.

Other product benefits include:

  • Auto routing with manual override options to multiple destinations.
  • Automatic updating of internet help files, templates and application software with automatic print capability.
  • On-line data compression technology for high speed transmission.
  • Embedded data encryption algorithm for high security file protection.
  • Import/export interface with major medical systems.
  • Turnaround time file tracking and management.

In summary, Iwinski stated "AcuSuite 2.0 offers the medical professional improved voice capture, increased access to files, safety and security, and rapid turnaround time - all of which add up to increased efficiency and productivity for our customers."



Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Acusis offers cost-effective, quality medical dictation and transcription solutions to hospitals, clinics and physician practices throughout the United States. Globally based, with a highly skilled team of transcriptionists, the company provides 24/7 service with rapid turnaround time and secure internet access. For more information on Acusis, visit or contact us at or call (866) 837-6158.




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