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Acusis CEO Speaks At The Global Conference Institute

March 19, 2002
Source: The Times of India

The Times of India, a major overseas publication, published a feature article on the Acusis headquarters in Bangalore and their revolutionary Acusis HomeTransSM (home transcription) concept. The article stated the following:

Home-based transcription, which is hugely popular in the US and accounts for almost 90% of the industry, is touted as the next big thing in the job market here. According to David Iwinski, President and CEO of Acusis, "By adopting the home-based model, which has been tried and tested successfully in the US, we are eliminating our facilities' costs. Besides this, it widens the scope to tap into the qualified people."

At the core of Acusis' home transcription plan is its software, AcuSuite. It allows transcriptionists to connect to the main office, sends them the voice files to be transcribed, then sends the documents back to the Acusis facility. To ensure quality, another team of transcriptionists review the files once they are submitted.

Operating out of Bangalore over the last six months, Acusis has an ambitious plan to install a base of over 4,000 home transcriptionists over the next four years. Having already invested $8 million in India, Acusis has created the necessary infrastructure to support such operations.