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San Antonio, TX., October 21, 2001-- -- Professionals who manage medical group practices know that the services they select directly impact the effectiveness of their management capabilities.

For these professionals, selecting a medical transcription service that provides accurate transcriptions, on time and in total confidentiality can be a key link in delivering high quality medical care as effectively and efficiently as possible. That is the mission of Acusis, a Pittsburgh-based medical transcription service and first time exhibitor at Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Annual Conference, Booth #146.

"MGMA attendees are professionals looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of the practices they manage without sacrificing quality of care," says Acusis President and CEO David Iwinski. "Although we're relatively new to the field, we have an experienced and dedicated medical transcription team whose goal is to provide a very competitively priced service with the best end product in the industry, " says Iwinski.

On Time, Cost-Effective Transcriptions

Using proprietary Acusis software, the company is able to deliver high quality transcription services at highly competitive prices by engaging a team of transcriptionists, editors and quality assurance personnel distributed among four cities domestically and internationally. Through this geographical distribution, Acusis provides 24- hour coverage of transcription processing.

Emphasis on Quality Assurance

Acusis takes great care to ensure the accuracy of its transcriptions by building in quality assurance checks during a project's workflow through to completion. Acusis uses a recursive process of editing and quality control checks on all final transcriptions before they are returned to a customer. These repetitive quality control checks ensure that the company's transcriptions have one of the highest accuracy records in the industry.

Experienced Management Team

In addition to Iwinski, Acusis senior management includes COO Jim Needles and Vice President of Marketing, Ray Dyer. The Acusis medical transcription team includes Joan Glans, a trained nurse with 20 years experience in medical transcription.

Concern for Confidentiality

Acusis transcription processes are compliant with HIPAA federal statutes as well as Federal and State Privacy Acts. In addition, each Acusis employee is required to sign confidentiality agreements, which apply to the handling of all confidential and proprietary information.


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Acusis is a 150-employee medical transcription company with administrative and sales offices in the United States, and a transcriptionist and software development team in India. Acusis uses state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated programming team to drive world-class quality, rapid service turnaround and highly competitive prices. For more information on Acusis, visit or contact us at or call (866) 837-6158.