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Pittsburgh Based Medical Services Company Provides Financial Assistance For Disaster Relief To Nation and New York

September 14, 2001 Pittsburgh, PA

Acusis, LLC, a Pittsburgh based global medical services company, is contributing $55,000 to the Red Cross to assist disaster relief efforts in New York City in response to the tragic events that struck New York City and the nation this past Tuesday, September 11.

"We respectfully present this check to you for $55,000 for disaster relief and to aid the families of those affected by this unparalleled catastrophe," said David Iwinski, Chief Executive Officer of Acusis, in a personal letter he wrote on behalf of the company to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York City.

Iwinski added "This contribution is not only from our company, but also includes a commitment of one day's pay from each of our 150 world-wide associates.

Acusis, LLC made the decision yesterday to assist in the nation's financial recovery and disaster relief in view of the horrific events of September 11, 2001 which resulted in unprecedented personal loss, financial recovery, and medical assistance. The death toll is nearly 5000, already much greater than lives lost in Pearl Harbor.

Editor's Note: David Iwinski, Jr., Chief Executive Officer and President of Acusis LLC, has worked extensively in international law and business for the past fifteen years. Prior to joining Acusis, LLC, Mr. Iwinski was Managing Director for China and South East Asia for Respironics.

An abbreviated version appears in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 18, 2001 in the Nation and World Headline News - "How To Help" section.
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An abbreviated version appears in the print copy of the Tribune-Review, September 19, 2001
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